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....w drodze
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February 13, 2013 - the day Canada’s Parliament debated the zombie apocalypse. (x)

Canada, the only nation discussing the most important issues of our day.

i want to emphasize that this is not from a comedy movie, it literally happened, like in real life, in parliament, between real people

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Is this Canada? This seems like Canada. 

This could have gone so wrong

nothing goes wrong in canada

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Curling Offseason
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highlighting cultural differences between canada and america


iced capp (canada):


iced cap (america):


thank you for your time

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While out hunting for the aurora borealis this December, astrophotographer Brett Abernethy captured this incredible meteor fireball streaking across the sky near Johnson Lake in Banff National Park, Canada.

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I really try to challenge Canadian stereotypes at every opportunity but today I was walking down Young St. in Toronto and a firetruck honked very loudly and I clutched my chest and said “MY WORD” and as it drove past, a fireman leaned out of the window and apologized to me 
so I just don’t know

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